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A rendering of a flower with a moss texture.

About us

To be agog is to be full of wonder, excitement, and awe. It’s a transformative experience. And that’s powerful stuff. 

Which is why we’ve formed Agog: The Immersive Media Institute—to help creators and nonprofit leaders harness the power of extended reality (XR) to imagine a better future for all. 

Agog is a philanthropic organization that brings together social-change agents, thinkers, and builders, helping them create new ways to learn, inspire, and collaborate through the use of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. We equip our partners with creative, technical, and  financial support to accelerate their work. And we gather and disseminate insights about the rapidly changing XR landscape to make sure everyone benefits from new learnings. 

By creating connection, inspiring action, and empowering us to imagine new possibilities, XR can help put humans on an entirely new trajectory. And that leaves us agog.