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A rendering of a flower with a bark texture.

Nonny de la Peña

Nonny de la Peña's headshot

Peabody Award winner Nonny de la Peña, PhD, is the founder of Emblematic Group, which uses immersive technologies to develop content that creates intense, empathic engagement. She is the founding director of the Arizona State University’s program for Emerging Media and Narrative, a research and graduate program focused on supporting diverse voices and emerging media technologies. 

Nonny has appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal Magazine as Technology Innovator of the Year, was inducted into the SXSW Hall of Fame, and was named one of CNET en Español’s 20 most influential Latinos in tech. Often called the “Godmother of Virtual Reality,” she is a New America Fellow, a Yale Poynter Media Fellow, and a former correspondent for Newsweek. Her latest breakthrough is Emblematic’s WebXR platform REACH.Love, a no-code toolset that creates scalable distribution, democratizes content authorship, and empowers new voices to share their stories.